Andalusian Panorama


Manuel Blanco | Spain | 2018 | 58 min
O.V. in Spanish

A visual map of the Bay of Cadiz strung together with the words of its inhabitants.

Screening with:

A.J. Luque | Spain | 2018 | 10 min. | Spanish

Rebeca uses a game as an excuse not to have to make decisions about her future with Andrés: on a date in a vinyl record shop they will have to look for the greatest number of covers showing men with mustaches.



Direction: Manuel Blanco
Script: Manuel Blanco
Cinematography: Manuel Blanco Music: Francisco Javier Torres Simón With: María Esquivel, Sandra Pérez, Pablo Pérez Martínez, Jesús Gómez Sandovete, Rafael Sánchez Saus, Juan José Iglesias Rodríguez, José Domínguez
Production: Marta Sánchez-Saus
Production Company: M2 Comunicación

Manuel Blanco

Manuel Blanco (Seville, 1980) is a graduate in Spanish Philology (US). He has a Doctorate in Literature and Communication (US), a Master’s in Communication and Culture (US) and a Master’s in Economics (IE Cajasol). A university lecturer since 2008, at present he is a professor in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Huelva and has been director of the Master in Audiovisual Communication at the Instituto Cajasol since 2016. He is founder and director of the production company M2 Comunicación since 2004.