Andalusian Panorama Shorts


Isaías Griñolo | Spain | 2021 | 27 min.
O.V. in Spanish

The film-process is articulated around the group of critical poets who have been meeting since 1999 at the Voces del Extremo (Voices from the Extreme) encounter.  This film covers the period between the reform of Article 135 and the arrival of the barbarians.

This title will be screened in Session #1 of Andalusian Panorama Shorts

Direction: Isaías Griñolo
Script: Isaías Griñolo, Enrique Falcón
Cinematography: Isaías Griñolo
Editing: Isaías Griñolo
Music: Niño de Elche, Raúl Cantizano
Sound: Isaías Griñolo, Jorge “N00N” Ramírez
Cast: Isaías Griñolo

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