From 8 th to 10 th November 2021 | Casa Fabiola & CICUS |
Access reserved to selected projects (Casa Fabiola). Access reserved to registered professional (CICUS) | Language: English


In the frame of Industry activities, Europe Creative Media Desk Andalusia, settled at The Andalusian Agency of Cultural Institutions of the Andalusian Regional Government organizes the workshop EAVE ON DEMAND SEVILLA, which aims to strengthen Andalusian and Spanish producers to develop co-production with European partners.

EAVE ON DEMAND SEVILLE combines the wide experience of EAVE on training and networking with a focus designed for Spanish producers. The training (workshop + team group + mentoring) includes topics such as production and funding movies, project development, sales and distribution, giving to the participants all the tools needed to get successfully to the International market

The five selected projects are:

  1. “50 picogramos”  (La Claqueta PC)

  2. “El amor de Andrea” (La Loma Blanca)

  3. “En carne viva” (Elamedia)

  4. “Rock Bottom”  (Alba Sotorra S.L.)

  5. “Zuria” (Sayaka Producciones y Sr. & Sra.)


A section of masterclasses was designed with EAVE ON DEMAND SEVILLA experts. This section is open to the selected projects and accredited professionals and is taking place at CICUS:

  • Monday 8th November | 2:00pm - 3:30 pm “Script Development Strategies” de Clare Downs (script expert)

  • Tuesday 9th November | 2:30pm -  4:00 pm “European co-production and the role of the producer” de Oliver Damian (production expert)

  • Wednesday 10th November | 9:00am - 10:30am “Masterclass: Sales, Distribution & the international market” de Aranka Matits (distribution & marketing expert)

If you want to attend any of these masterclasses, please book your place here. Place are limited!

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