Tribute to Pere Portabella


Luis Buñuel | Spain, Mexico | 1961 | 90 min.
O.V in Spanish subtitled in English

The story of how Viridiana skipped censorship is mythical. Produced by Portabella, this scandalous and sardonic film with a blasphemous and fetishist tone passed the cut with a false script, and managed to escape without the final "clipping" to its screening in Cannes, taking then the negatives clandestinely to Paris. Franco's General Director of Cinematography Muñoz Fontán felt (as you can imagine) like drowned in a bucket of cold water in Cannes, so when Domingo Dominguín and Juan Antonio Bardem won the Palme d'Or, they had the idea of crowning the task by offering Muñoz Fontán himself the chance to collect the prize. A poisoned gift that ended with a fulminant dismissal and one of the summits of universal cinema.

Direction: Luis Buñuel
Script: Luis Buñuel, Julio Alejandro
Cinematography: José F. Aguayo
Editing: Pedro del Rey
Cast: Silvia Pinal, Francisco Rabal, Fernando Rey, Margarita Lozano, José Calvo, Joaquín Roa, Victoria Zinny
Production: Pere Portabella, Ricardo Muñoz Suay, Gustavo Alatriste
Production Company: Films 59, Uninci, Producciones Alatriste

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