The New Waves Non fiction


Gonzalo García Pelayo, Pedro G. Romero | Spain, France | 2020 | 157 min.
O.V. in Spanish subtitled in English
nueves sevillas

There are nine Sevillas, out of thousands that could be, in this film whose powder keg was Pedro G. Romero's poster for the 2018 Flamenco Biennial. A poster starring nine characters that this film portrays: the Chilean dancer Javiera de la Fuente, the poet David Pielfort, the gypsy lawyer and feminist Pastora Filigrana, the palmero and Bobote dancer, the Hungarian singer and dancer Rudolph, the African dancer Yinka Esi, the bullfighter Vanesa Montoya, the actress Rocío Montero and Gonzalo García Pelayo, the perfect accomplice for this film in its rare mix of radicalism and rootedness to the city. With performances by Israel Galván, Alfredo Lago, Inés Bacán, Rocío Márquez, Raúl Cantizano, Leonor Leal, Tomás de Perrate, Niño de Elche, Rocío Molina and Silvia Pérez Cruz, and Rosalía.

Direcction: Gonzalo García Pelayo, Pedro G. Romero
Script: Pedro G. Romero
Cinematography: Juan Manuel Carmona Batán
Editing: Sergi Dies
Music: Israel Galván, Alfredo Lagos, Rocío Márquez y Fahmi Alqhai con Rami Alqhai y Agustín Diassera, Inés Bacán, Leonor Leal y Antonio Moreno, Raúl Cantizano, Tomás de Perrate y Proyecto Lorca (Juan Jiménez y Antonio Moreno), Niño de Elche con Susana Hernández y Raúl Cantizano, Rocío Molina & Silvia Pérez Cruz con Eduardo Trassierra, Carlos Montfort, José Manuel Ramos “El Oruco” y Carlos Gárate, Rosalía con José Acedo, Los Mellis, Anna Colom y Claudia “La Chispa"
Sound: Roberto Fernández, Eva de la Fuente
Intérpretest: Yinka Esi Graves, José Jiménez « Bobote », Gonzalo García Pelayo, Javiera De La Fuente, Vanesa Lérida Montoya, David Pielfort, Rudolph Rostas Janek, Rocío Montero, Pastori Filigrana
Production: Roberto Butragueño; Nathalie Trafford; Joaquín Vázquez.
Production Company: Elamedia Estudios; Hellish Producciones; BNV Producciones, Magnetica Cine

Gonzalo García Pelayo

García Pelayo (Madrid, 1947), a cult filmmaker and a multifaceted man, has been throughout his life an anchorman, television presenter and music producer: he produced about 130 albums with his label Gong, including pieces by Víctor Jara, Pablo Milanés, Triana, Gualberto, Lole y Manuel and María Jiménez, being a key figure in Andalusian Rock scene. In the 90s he became famous for the design of a legal method to win at the roulette tables in casinos (whose story is told in the film The Pelayos, by Eduard Cortés). As a filmmaker, he has directed the fundamental and rare author's piece Vivir en Sevilla, as well as Manuela (1975), with Charo López and Fernando Rey, Intercambio de pareja frente al mar (1978), Corridas de alegría (1982) and Rocío y José (1982). After being paid tribute in the SEFF 2012 and being the object of a retrospective in the Viennale 2013, he directs Alegrías de Cádiz (2013), Niñas (2014), Copla and Amo que te amen (2015) and Todo es de color (2016).  Nueve Sevillas is his latest film.


Pedro G. Romero

Aracena, 1964. This undisciplined artist also works as an exhibition curator, critic, art historian, writer, artistic director of dance - for instance, with Israel Galván, since 1998 - and theater, musical director and, now, film director. Also, he is a good fan of flamenco. His work, in addition to being shown in theaters and galleries, has been displayed in many significant art spaces: Fundaciò Antoni Tápies, CA2M, Museo Picasso in Barcelona, MNCARS, Venice Biennale, Kunstverein in Stuttgart, Sao Paulo Biennale, Bergen Assembly and Documenta Kassel. He is founder and member of the PIE.FMC (Independent Platform of Modern and Contemporary Flamenco Studies).

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