Special Session


Emilie Carpentier | France | 2021 | 85 min.
O.V. in French subtitled in Spanish and English

The awakening to life, and to political awareness of a young girl on the outskirts of Paris. Adja, 18 years old, wants to take over the world but does not yet know how. Her brother is progressing as a soccer player, her best friend is becoming an influencer and her mother is in Senegal, fighting to save her village. When a large amusement complex threatens to destroy the social and environmental balance of her community, Adja joins the fight: everything starts to accelerate, including her friendship with Arthur, a battle buddy who will soon become something more.

Direction: Émilie Carpentier
Script: Émilie Carpentier with the collaboration of Cécile Vargaftig, Jacques Albert, Assmar
Abdillah, Dany Bomou
Cinematography: Elin Kirschfink
Editing: Laurence Manheimer
Sound: Marie-Clotilde Chéry
Cast: Tracy Gotoas, Sylvain Le Gall, NIIA
Production Company: Elzévir Films - Marie Masmonteil

Emilie Carpentier

A graduate in Modern Literature, she has also studied costume design, a profession she has since pursued in theatre and dance companies such as A bout porte, Masque Calao, the Shonen Company and the Das Plateau collective. In parallel, she wrote and directed two short films combining fiction and documentary, Les ombres qui me traversent (2008), which won an award at Clermont Ferrand, and Au large (2011). In 2010, he began supervising film workshops aimed at teenagers in the Paris region. In 2012, she joined the Tribudom directors' collective and directed several episodes of the participatory web series Demain j'lui dis (2013) and L'enfant rouge (2014). As a result of these experiences, she became involved in the feature film L'horizon, which she also co-wrote.

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