Special Session


Claude Sautet | France | 1992 | 105 min.
O.V in French subtitled in Spanish

Among all the performances in Emmanuelle Béart's versatile career, it is perhaps in the films she has made with Claude Sautet that she has stood out with the most richly nuanced light. In A Heart in Winter she plays Camille, a gifted violinist about to record Ravel's sonatas, in a unique love triangle with two luthiers: the expansive Maxime (André Dussollier), and the professional and taciturn Stephan (Daniel Auteuil). Stephan gradually wins her heart, despite being cold and distant. Béart, who learned to play the violin for the role ( earning her the Pasinetti Prize in Venice), manages to embody the slow process of bonding two distant souls, through subtle and eloquent gestures and glances, accompanied by controlled explosions of passion.

Emmanuelle Béart, who was unable to attend last year due to the pandemic, will be present at this year's edition to collect the City of Seville 2020 Award.

Direction: Claude Sautet
Script: Claude Sautet, Jacques Fieschi, Jérôme Tonnerre
Cinematography: Yves Angelo
Music: Maurice Ravel
Cast: Daniel Auteuil, Emmanuelle Béart, André Dussollier, Myriam Boyer, Elizabeth Bourgine, Brigitte Catillon


Claude Sautet

Born in Paris in 1924, he died in 2000 in the same city. Despite being of the same generation as the main figures of the Nouvelle Vague, he flourished somewhat later. Presented as the post-May '68 chronicler of the new bourgeoisie, he starred in films such as The Things in Life (1969), Max et les ferrailleurs  (1971), The Other (1972) and Mado (1976). Having a solid musical background, his last films Quelques jours avec moi (1987), A Heart in Winter (1992) and Nelly et Mr. Arnaud (1995) were conceived as compositions for quartets, trios or duos of performers. These latter two, starring Emmannuelle Béart, were among those that won the most prizes, such as the César for Best Director for both, and the Louis Delluc and Venice Jury Awards for the last one.

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