Andalusian Panorama Shorts


These titles will be screened in session #3 of Andalusian Panorama Shorts
Panorama andaluz cortos 3

Joaquín León | Spain | 2021 | 18 min. | O.V. in Spanish
Lola is vegan, Aurelio is a hunter. Their mother just died but the body is lost at the bottom of the sea. They will have to create their own ritual to say goodbye to her.


Angel Tirado Higuero | Spain | 2021 | 20 min. | O.V. in Spanish
Xun lives a peaceful life as the cybernetic partner of Paul, the scientist who created her. One day, she suffers an unexpected accident that will shake her whole universe and her relationship with Paul.


Menchu Esteban | Spain | 2021 | 17 min. | O.V. in Spanish
Getting up every morning is a battle for Marta Fierro, Eme DJ, an essential figure in DJ culture. Supposes the awakening of her demons, those who whisper to her that she is not doing well, because loving music is not enough.


Dani Zarandieta | Spain | 2021 | 5 min. | O.V. in English subtitled in Spanish
An unexpected phone call, a pending conversation and the need to find a television. Martin's life has been guided by a promise for the last ten years until this moment.


Yolanda Centeno Harry | Spain | 2021 | 15 min. | O.V. in Spanish
Paula and Raúl, who are sharing their home with a 7-year-old boy named Dani, appear to be just another family. Except Dani is not Paula's son, and she faces the daily challenge of proving to be worthy of the "title”.


Ian de la Rosa | Spain | 2021 | 17 min. | O.V. in Spanish and Arabic subtitled in Spanish
Four teenagers from El Puche, a suburb in Almería, who are proud of their Moroccan and Spanish roots, navigate their first experiences in out-of-the neighborhood schools.

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