leer antes de ver


Cinema and literature go hand in hand, which is why once again this year we join forces with the local bookstores in Seville and propose a book hunt for the inspiration behind some of the films we will see in this year's edition. For example, we revisit Medea, the classic by Euripides, to enjoy the contemporary interpretation of the Russian director Alexandr Zeldovich. We discover the German equivalent of Salinger's Holden, Fabian, one of the greatest works of his literature. The great film popularizer, Mark Cousins, presenting two of his films in Seville this year, continues his work in The Story of Looking. Meanwhile, from the world of comics comes A. Tomine, three of the comic strips contained in Intruders and Rubia de verano shape the script of Paris, 13th district. In addition, Bolaño's Los detectives salvajes served as a starting point for creating the universe of Onoda, the latest work by French filmmaker Arthur Harari. Other names such as Alessandro Baricco, Cristina Campos, Rodrigo Cortés or Rosa Liksom are part of the 2021 suggestions.

By visiting one of our bookstores and buying any of the selected books you will get a double movie ticket.

Participating bookstores: Casa Tomada, Un gato en bicicleta, Caótica, La Fuga Librerías, Re-read Librerías, Yerma Librería, Librería San Marcos, Librería Novo Géminis, Rayuela, Librería Palas, El gusanito lector, Librería Nuño, El Erizo de Papel, Librería Atenea (Lebrija), Librería Verbo, Padilla Libros, La Casa del Libro, Librería El Cuartito and Botica LIbrería.