Endless Revolutions


Delphine Kreuter | France | 2022 | 78 min.
O.V. in French subtitled in English and Spanish

Hooked to a battery system that keeps her artificial heart beating and awaiting a possible transplant, Liz lives against the clock with her cat and X14, an android with a crest shaped Iroquois crest who is protective and possessive of her companion. Delphine Kreuter signs this domestic cyborg manifesto, a sample of low cost and posthumanist science fiction about contemporary ways of inhabiting the city and our dependence on technology. A hyperdynamic technopunk comedy set in the Parisian banlieue around the respective emancipation processes of a technified woman and a humanized robot. X14's wicked charisma rivals the tremendous magnetism exuded by the lead actress, mezzo-soprano Lucie Cure.

Direction: Delphine Kreuter
Screenplay: Delphine Kreuter
Cinematography: Delphine Kreuter
Editing: François Gedigier
Music: Nicolas Jorio
Sound: Olivier Dohuu
Cast: Lucie Cure, Daniel Horn, François Ardouvin, Denis Lavant, Jeanne Balibar, Emmanuel Salinger, Florence Thomassin
Production: Delphine Kreuter, Claire Nebout

Lyon, 1973. Delphine Kreuter graduated in Modern Literature and is currently an artist working in different fields such as drawing, illustration, photography, video and film, thus making multiple exhibitions and collaborating with Christian Lacroix. Kreuter has directed twenty short films and features since her short film debut with Marthe (1999). 57000 km Between Us (2008) was her feature film debut, included as part of the Tribeca selection and awarded at Taipei. Ten years after Dubaï Flamingo (2012), the director premiered her latest film, X14 (2022), at FIDMarseille.