Into another history of European Cinema
Ciclos y Retrospectivas


Nouchka van Brakel | Netherlands | 1979 | 113 min.
O.V. in Dutch and French subtitled in English and Spanish

A pioneer cult classic of LGTBIQ+ cinema dedicated to the love between two women (rarely not represented from a reifying "male gaze"). Eva (Monique van de Ven, star of Paul Verhoeven's Turkish Delight), a married woman with two children, meets Liliana (Maria Schneider), who lives in a hippie commune, during a vacation in France. The two fall in love, while Eva faces a struggle against social stigma fighting for the custody of her children. Schneider is said to have been attracted to the project by its female cast and story, after her difficult experience in Last Tango in Paris. A film by the militant Nouchka van Brakel, the first woman to enter the Dutch Film Academy, who once had to battle with the prejudices of critics who called her film a "feminist pamphlet".

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