Endless Revolutions


Eugène Green | France | 2021 | 51 min.
O.V. French with English and Spanish subtitles

August in Paris. Arnaud wanders through the streets of the city in the throes of summer languor. Until he comes across the wall that commemorates each and every one of those who died in the First World War. The reading of their names invokes the presence of Pierre. Hand in hand with the ghost of this young man who died a century ago, Arnaud travels back in time to accompany the mourning of those loved ones of the soldier who died in the war. As in Les ponts des arts, La sapienza (Asecan Award for Best Film at SEFF 2014) or Le fils de Joseph (Best Screenplay Award in 2016), the irreducible Eugène Green, leads us on a journey from darkness to light that breaks down the barriers of time. A commitment ode to the memory of the dead to appease the existential idleness of our present, which also features Francoise Lebrun (La maman et la putain).

Direction: Eugène Green
Screenplay: Eugène Green
Cinematography: Raphaël O’Byrbe
Editing: Laurence LARRE
Sound: Jocelyn Robert, Stéphane Thiebaut
Production design: Valentine Sas, Matteo Zamparutti
Cast: Saia Hiriat, Edouard Sulpice, Françoise Lebrun, Lola Le Lann et Alex Terrier-Thiebaux
Production: Julien Naveau
Production company: Le Plein de Super, Don Quichotte Films, 10:15 Productions
Distributor: Le plein de super
International sales: Le plein de super

Eugène Green (1947) is a New York-born filmmaker, theatre director, and actor of French nationality. After studying Literature and Art History in Paris, he founded the theatre company Théâtre de la Sapience in 1977, to which he dedicated his career until his directorial debut with the film Every Night (2001), winner of the Louis-Delluc Award for Best First Film. Green’s filmography includes titles such as Memories (2017), which won the Special Jury Prize at Locarno, La Sapienza, winner of the Asecan Award at the SEFF in 2014, and The Son of Joseph, which received the Best Screenplay Award at the SEFF 2016. In addition, the Serralves Foundation held a retrospective exhibition dedicated to his films in 2019. Now the director presents his latest work, Le mur des morts (2022).