Andalusian Panorama


Alejandro González Toro, Hugo Cabezas Gallardo | Spain | 2022 | 90 min.
O.V. in Spanish

Ultimas unidades revolves around the traders of small traditional establishments, who continue to struggle day by day to keep their businesses open. City centers are transforming at a dizzying pace, making their survival more difficult every day. After suffering countless difficulties during the last century to remain active, so how long will they be able to carry on with lifelong projects passed down through the generations? Mythical Sevillian shops such as Cuadros Venecia, Papelería Ferrer, Peluquería Melado and Cordonería Alba lead this plea against gentrification.

Direction: Hugo Cabezas / Alejandro Toro
Script: Daniel Refolio
Cinematography: Alejandro Toro / Hugo Cabezas
Editing: Hugo Cabezas / Alejandro Toro
Music: Pablo Cervantes
Sound: Tres Gatos Sonido
Speakers: Lucía Mejías, Manuel Melado, Emilia Moscoso, Jesús Spínola
Production company: Antonio Aparcero / Fidel Pérez
Production Company: La Favorita Produce
Distributor: La Favorita Produce // +34 619 53 89 95 //
International Sales: La Favorita Produce //

Hugo Cabezas (Cordoba) and Alejandro Toro (Seville) were born in 1986 and studied Audiovisual Communication at the University of Seville. Since then, they have focused their career on directing and supervising photography for documentary and advertising projects. They have worked on several documentary films such as 23 Disparos (winner of the Imaginera Award of the SEFF 2017) and Equipo D: Los códigos olvidados (which premiered in Seminci in 2019), both directed by Jorge Laplace. The 2020 docuseries Puedo porque pienso que puedo, based on the badminton player Carolina Marín, is their latest joint directing, cinematography and editing project. La Favorita is their own production company, with which they present their first feature-length documentary Últimas Unidades (2022).