Andalusian Panorama


Margarita Morales | Spain | 2022 | 73 min.
O.V. in Spanish

Lola has not returned to the town where she spent her childhood summers since her youth. A hasty breakup with her partner forces her to change the course of her vacations. Returning from Italy, Lola heads back to the village, located in the Tobalina Valley, in Burgos. Once settled in the family home, and with the calm rhythm of the summer days, among the green countryside and the nearby river, Lola is confronted with strange presences which interrupt her awaited solitude.

Direction: Margarita Morales
Script: Margarita Morales and Lola Botello
Cinematography: Margarita Morales
Music: Henry Purcell, Ana Chufa, Elena Córdoba, Lola Botello, Mariví Blasco, Juano Azagra, Javier Delgado, Rubén Díez
Sound: Jesús Caballero
Art director: Ana Vitoria
Cast: Lola Botello, Nieve Castro, Raúl Martínez, Matilde Martínez, Jandro Martínez and Paula Casado
Costumes: Gloria Trenado
Assistant directors: Nieve Castro and Gloria Trenado
Production assistants: Marina Bravo and Lucía Román
Editing: Margarita Morales
Colour: Juanma Sayalonga
Poster: Marina López Alonso
Production: Margarita Morales
Associated production: Lola Botello, The Blue House Films, Tierra Nuestra
Executive production: Juanma Sayalonga, Viva Todo Films

Margarita Morales studied Audiovisual Communication at the University of Seville and obtained a Master’s degree in Cinematography from the ESCAC in 2014. Since then, she has made several short films, a lot of them presented at the SEFF, such as Autorretrato in 2016 and Las manos del Viento in 2019. Morales is coming back to the SEFF to present her first feature film, Solitude, produced by the Andalusian production company VivaTodo Films.