Official Selection


Pedro G. Romero, Gonzalo García Pelayo | Spain | 2022 | 125 min.
O.V. in Spanish subtitled in English

Seven Jereles, seven, are those we see in this film (sequel to Nueve Sevillas, winner of the New Waves Non-Fiction Award at SEFF 2020) conceived in the context of the Jerez Flamenco Festival, yet not on its stages but getting lost in the streets of the city on the back of spirited horses, through its neighborhoods, family sagas and festivities, tradition and modernity of this unparalleled art, which Pedro G. Romero tells with intelligence and knowledge, hand in hand with the groundbreaking spirit of García Pelayo. Pure enjoyment for the mind and senses of the hand of personalities such as Dani Llamas, Tía Juana la del Pipa, Angelita Gómez 'La Macanita', Dolores Agujetas, José de los Camarones, Tomasito, Diego Carrasco, MixtoLobo, Los delinqüentes, Banda Municipal de Jerez and David Lagos-Alfredo Lagos.

Direction: Pedro G. Romero y Gonzalo García Pelayo
Screenplay: Pedro G. Romero

Editing: Sergi Dies (AMMAC)
Cinematography: Alex Catalán
Producer: La Zanfoña Producciones y Serie Gong Cine
Executive Producer: Pili Campano
Producer: Gervi
Associate Producer: Joaquín Vázquez

Gonzalo García Pelayo

Madrid, 1947. Gonzalo García Pelayo is a cult filmmaker that has worked as a radio and TV host and music producer: working on 130 albums with his label Gong, producing artist such as Víctor Jara, Triana, Gualberto, Lole and Manuel, and María Jiménez, thus, making him a key figure on the Andalusian rock scene. In the 90s, the filmmaker became famous for designing a legal method to win at casino roulette (whose story is told in the film The Pelayos, directed by Eduard Cortés). As filmmaker, he directed major films like Vivir en Sevilla, Manuela (1975), Intercambio de parejas frente al mar (1978), Corridas de alegría (1982) and Rocío y José (1982). García Pelayo received a tribute at the SEFF in 2012 and at the Viennale in 2013, directing several films in the following years, such as Nueve Sevillas, which was awarded for Best Film in The New Waves Non-Fiction section ot the SEFF in 2020. Last year, 10 new films were added to his filmography, among which we find Siete Jereles.

Pedro G. Romero

Aracena, 1964. Pedro G. Romero plays many roles: undisciplined artist, curator of exhibitions, critic, art historian, writer, artistic dance director—for example, with Israel Galván since 1998— and theatre, musical director and now film director, besides being a great fan of flamenco. In addition to theatres and galleries, his work has been shown in many significant art spaces: the Antoni Tápies Foundation, the CA2M, the Picasso museum of Barcelona, the MNCARS, the Biennale of Venice, the Württembergischer Kunstverein of Stuttgart, the São Paulo Art Biennial, the Bergen Assembly and the documenta of Kassel. Romero is also founder and member of PIE.FMC (Independent Platform for Modern and Contemporary Flamenco Studies).