Special Session


Rocío Mesa | España | 2022 | 98 min.
V.O. español subtitulada al inglés

Among the imposing secaderos of the Vega de Granada (in danger of disappearing), one summer changes everything. Nieves is a teenager trapped by family obligations, which she tries to escape between parties with her friends and boyfriend. She wants to see the world. Still a child who spends her vacations with her grandparents, Vera discovers a friendly tobacco monster (a creature halfway between the universes of Miyazaki and Sendak) frozen in time. Rocio Mesa mixes rural psychedelia and magical realism in this touching and powerful initiation story, Dunia Ayaso Award in San Sebastian, with music by Fuerza Nueva (Los Planetas with El Niño de Elche), Unidad y Armonía, with the collaboration of Soleá and Estrella Morente, and the reggaeton rhythm of Los Boyz.

Direction: Rocío Mesa
Script: Rocío Mesa
Cinematography: Alana Mejía González
Editor: Diana Toucedo
Music: Paloma Peñarrubia
Sound: Joaquín Pachón, Vicente Villaescusa y Rafa Pachón
Art Director: Sergio Mauriño
Cast: Ada Mar Lupiáñez, Vera Centenera, Jennifer Ibáñez, Eduardo Santana Jiménez, Cristina Eugenia Segura Molina, José Sáez Conejero, Pedro Camacho Rodríguez y Tamara Arias
Producers: Olmo Figueredo González-Quevedo. Coproductoras: Belén Sánchez Silvero y Jana Díaz Juhl.
Production Company: La Claqueta PC. Coproductores: La Cruda Realidad, Secaderos La Película AIE, Un Capricho de Producciones, Amplitud INC.
World Sales: Latido Films

Born in Granada (1983), Rocío Mesa is a director, producer and independent film programmer. After graduating in Journalism from the Faculty of Communication at the University of Seville, she started working in the promoting company of Spanish cinema in North America, LA OLA, as the artistic director, and has programmed for the LA Film Festival and the Art House Theater Day. Mesa owns the production company My Deer Films, producing projects such as the documentary Next or the feature film Mbah Jhiwo by Álvaro Gurrea. Ancient Soul premiered at the Berlinale last year. Orensanz (2013) premiered at the SEFF and now she comes back with her second film Secaderos, premiered at the SSIF.