Official Selection


Pietro Marcello | France, Italy, Germany | 2022 | 100 min.
O.V. in French with English and Spanish subtitles

Opening the Directors' Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival, Pietro Marcello's eagerly awaited new film after Martin Eden (winner of the Golden Giraldillo in 2019) unfolds as a fable-like tale steeped in beauty in rural France at the beginning of the 20th century. Raphaël, a man with a rough face, a noble heart and calloused hands from carving splendid wooden figures, returns from the hell of the First World War to discover that his wife is dead and he must raise his young daughter, Juliette (Juliette Jouan, a true revelation), alone. The two are sheltered by a matriarchal neighbour, and the young girl grows up wild and resistant to the rejection of the villagers. Juliette hopes that the prophecy dedicated to her by the local "witch" will come true: one day a scarlet sailboat will arrive to take her far away...

Direction: Pietro Marcello
Script: Pietro Marcello, Maurizio Braucci, Maud Ameline, in collaboration with Geneviève Brisac
Cinematography: Marco Graziaplena
Editing: Carole Le Page, Andrea Maguolo
Music: Gabriel Yared
Sound: Erwan Kerzanet, Bruno Reiland, Olivier Guillaume
Art Direction: Christian Marti
Cast: Juliette Jouan, Raphaël Thiéry, Noémie Lvovsky, Louis Garrel
Production Company: CG Cinéma, Avventurosa with Rai Cinema
Distributor: Avalon Distribución Audiovisual
International sales: Orange

Caserta, 1976. Having studied at the Napoli Academy of Fine Arts, he debuted as a director with  Crossing the Line (2007) and, in 2009, he directed the documentary The Mouth of the Wolf, for which he earned the David di Donatello and the Nastro d’Argento, as well as being awarded at the Turin, Cagliari and Berlinale festivals. In 2011 he presented The Silence of Pelesjan, and for Lost and Beautiful (2015) he received an award at Locarno. The consecration of his international success came with Martin Eden, which won the Volpi Cup in Venice in 2019 and the Golden Giraldillo at the SEFF. After the documentaries For Lucio (2019) and Futura (2021), the latter being co-directed with Francesco Munzi and Alice Rohrwacher and also having its national premiere in Seville, he presents her latest project, Scarlet, taking a step back into the world of fiction with a film adaptation of Alexander Grin’s children’s literature.