40 years of Light Cone
Ciclos y Retrospectivas



A geographical and emotional journey through human activities, concerns and struggles, from Finland to Greece passing through the Amazon and Albania, from music to popular revolts and work linked to the land. Different ways of understanding anthropology from the experimental and tactile practices of cinema.

COAL (Janika Herlevi | 2021 | Finland | Super 8 | 1 min.)

FACTORY OF COLLISION (Ieva Balode | 2021 | Lithuania | 16mm | 4 min.)

TIRANA (Eva Claus | 2020 | Belgium | 16mm | 3 min.)

PETITE POMME DE TERRE, ARRACHE-TOI TOUTE SEULE (Maite Alonso & Unai Ruiz | 2022 | Spain | Super 8 | 12 min.)

ANNINGELLA QUEEN OF CUPS (Cherry Kino (Martha Jurksaitis) | 2013 | United Kindom, Portugal | Super 8 | 9 min.)

FOLIA (Victor de las Heras & Anais Ibert | 2014 | France | 16mm | 12 min.)

ÁGUA FORTE (Monica Baptista | 2018 | Portugal | 16mm a DCP | 15 min.)

FESTA NUZIALE (Tiziano Doria & Samira Guadagnuolo | 2020 | Italy | 16mm | 9 min.)

RETOUR À LA RUE D’ÉOLE - Six peintures populaires (Maria Kourkouta | 2013 | France, Greece | 16mm | 14 min.)


If we are deprived of the means of production, we have no choice but to appropriate them.
This seems to be the philosophy behind the network of artist-run laboratories, which since
the mid-1990s have been spreading around the world in response to the withering
disappearance of commercial laboratories. Defending their right to continue exploiting the
aesthetic and ethical properties of celluloid, this analog resistance has left a trail of dazzling
works in super 8 and 16mm (among other formats) of which here we offer a brief sample.
Films that can only be made by hand and in an artisanal way, and of which the maximum
splendor is clearly projected in their original formats. These are the spearheads, coming
from punk and DIY, of a movement that has seen the growth of independent 16mm
productions, supporting the loyalty to celluloid of filmmakers like Tarantino or P.T. Anderson,
and the 23 million posts on Instagram under the hashtag #filmisnotdead. Beyond nostalgia,
creations and projects coming from a present that claims as its own the artistic and plastic
possibilities of the original material of cinema.

Featuring work developed in the following laboratories: Film in Process (London, UK),
MIRE (Nantes, France), Átomo 47 (Porto, Portugal), Cráter Lab (Barcelona, Spain),
Filmwerkplaast (Rotterdam, Netherlands), Labor Berlin (Berlin, Germany), L'ABOMINABLE
(La Courneuve, France), MTK (Grenoble, France), LABO BXL (Brussels, Belgium), Filmkoop
Wien (Vienna, Austria), KLUBVIZIJA ZAGREB (Zagreb, Croatia), L'ETNA (Montreuil, France), Filmverkstaden (Helsinki, Finland), Baltic Analog Lab (Riga, Latvia), Zine Lab (San
Sebastian, Spain), Cherry Kino (traveling lab) and LABBÀSH (Milan, Italy).

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