Into another history of European Cinema
Ciclos y Retrospectivas


Judit Ember | Hungary | 1978 | 92 min.
O.V. in Hungarian subtitled in English and Spanish

Not yet sufficiently known or recognized, Judit Ember holds the dubious honor of being the most censored filmmaker in the history of Hungarian cinema. Director, journalist and historian, she was a pioneer in hybridizing documentary and fiction in search of the truth, portraying the most vulnerable characters with empathy. Such is the case of this film, restored by the Hungarian National Film Institute, in which three generations of gypsy women play themselves, based on the story of Nóra, the protagonist of her previous documentary Case Study, a single mother of two children who tried to commit suicide by jumping from a fourth floor. Her mother raised her in similar circumstances, but perhaps there is hope for change among the new generations.

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