The New Waves Non fiction


Mark Cousins | Italy | 2022 | 98 min.
O.V. in Italian, English, subtitled in English and Spanish

Now, when it seems more essential than ever to revisit the roots of fascism in Europe, and more specifically in Italy, The March of Rome offers a new point of view on Mussolini's rise to power. Brilliantly popularizing the subject with a critical spirit and artistic vocation, Mark Cousins analyzes films, photographs and other incunabula archives to extract the essence of the fascist aesthetics and propaganda that made the "Duce" a hero, starting from the forensic inspection of Umberto Paradisi's film A Noi! and the fictionalized narrative of Alba Rohrwacher (The Wonders, Lazzaro feliz).

Direction: Mark Cousins
Cinematography: Mark Cousins, Timoty Aliprandi
Editing: Timo Langer
Sound: Concetta Lombardo, Filippo Lilli
Production: Antonio Badalamenti, Andrea Romeo
Distributor: The Match Factory
Internationals sales: The Match Factory

Northern Ireland, 1965. Mark Cousins has dedicated his life to spreading the history of cinema from a fresh perspective, where cinephilia meets pleasure, a work that earned him multiple acknowledgments.  Between 1997 and 2000, Cousins hosted the BBC’s Moviedrome program and the series Scene by Scene, interviewing artists such as Scorsese, Bertolucci, Jeanne Moreau, Woody Allen, and Lynch. Among his many documentaries and initiatives dedicated to the cinema (such as the traveling cinema that he launched in Scotland in 2009 alongside Tilda Swinton), some projects that stand out are The Story of Film: An Odyssey, Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema, The Story of Looking and The Story of Film: A New Generation, visiting Seville with the screening of the last three. In addition, Cousins has published several books based on the work carried out in his films, all of which have earned him a place in the Royal Society of Edinburgh. The March of Rome, his latest film, premiered in Venice.