Into another history of European Cinema
Ciclos y Retrospectivas


Kira Muratova | USSR | 1971 | 97 min.
O.V. in Russian subtitled in Spanish and English

Completed in 1971 but not released until perestroika in 1987, the fourth film by Moldovan genius Kira Muratova was banned because its aesthetic freedom and formal experimentation (as well as the director's political stance) which did not please the Soviet regime, as its attitude did not match the aesthetics of socialist realism. This 4K restoration (carried out by STUDIOCANAL in collaboration with The Criterion Collection at the L'Immagine Ritrovata/Éclair Classics laboratories) brings us the full force of this masterful psychodrama about a single mother who cannot understand or accept that her son, whom she raised with great care, no longer wants to live with her when he reaches adolescence.

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