Special Session


Chiqui Carabante | Spain | 2022
O.V in Spanish

The Malaga-born Chiqui Carabante, one of the brightest minds to come out of the Cinexin Generation and a benchmark in Spanish dark comedy with titles such as Carlos contra el mundo and 12+1, a metaphysical comedy, returns with Fortaleza. Five brothers gathered before their father's will discover that in order to get the inheritance they must face each other in a little game orchestrated by the deceased, a posthumous amusement that will end up bringing to light the best kept secret of the family. With Fernando Cayo, Goya Toledo, José Manuel Poga, Fernando Tejero, Vito Sanz, Carla Nieto and Lola Casamayor, and the special participation of Manolo Solo, Nacho Fresneda and Manuel Zarzo.

Direction: Chiqui Carabante
Script: Chiqui Carabante, David Orea, Salvador S. Molina
Cinematography: Juan Hernández A.E.C
Art Director: Salvador Carabante
Original Music: Darío Valderrama
Direct Sound: Dani de Zayas
Editing: Cristina Laguna
Sound Editing: David Morales 
Sound Mixing: Valeria Arcieri
Assistant Director: Miki Boris
Costume Design: Unai de Mateos
Make-up and Hairstyling: Ángela Moreno
Digital Effects: Manu Herrera
Postproduction: Mauro Maroto
Production: Damián París, José Carlos Conde, Rosa García Merino
Executive Producers: Damián París, Rosa García Merino, José Carlos Conde
Associate Producers: José Mª. Fernández Vega, Curro Conde
Production Manager: Almudena Illoro

Chiqui Carabante studied Performing Arts and Directing at the School of Dramatic Arts in Seville, the École Philippe Gaulier in London, the Royal Court Theatre and the New York Film Academy. Los Díaz felices and Bailongas, his two first short films, obtained more than forty awards at national and international festivals. Carlos contra el mundo, the director’s feature film debut, was also multi-awarded and premiered at the SSIFF. Carabante created in 2009 the production company Divina Mecánica, making 12+1, una comedia metafísica, his second film, awarded at the Málaga Film Festival and screening at the SEFF. The artist also directs music videos like Normal and Una casa en el campo, released in 2016, and worked as a director of some episodes of the TVE series Malaka and El Ministerio del tiempo, and he is currently directing the Atresmedia series Honor. Moreover, he also works as a playwright with his own theatre company, Club Caníbal. La Fortaleza is Carabante’s third film.