Endless Revolutions


Rita Azevedo Gomes | Portugal | 2022 | 127 min.
O.V. in French, Spanish, Portuguese subtitled in Spanish and English

This is one of those rare occasions when you go to the movies anticipating two hours of pure bliss. Here are the reasons why: Rita Azevedo (A vingança de uma mulher, A portuguesa) directs Jorge (a hilarious Ado Arrieta) who in turn directs a film adaptation of a play by Eric Rohmer, an unpublished "fifth" adventure from the script of Four Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle. In it, Paul (Pierre Léon) lives in a house surrounded by trees and close to the coast, where he receives seven visits from his lover Adélia over the course of a year. She has another partner, but something remains between them. We are thus rocked in a delightful tension, between conversations that go from music to love, in the particular Rohmerian way of philosophizing about feelings.

Direction: Rita Macedo de Azevedo Gomes
Screenplay: Rita Acevedo Gomes, Renaud Legrand
Cinematography: Jorge Quintela
Editing: Rita Acevedo Gomes
Music: António Areal, Barbara Friedhoff, Jorge Camacho, Alexey Shakitko
Sound: Olivier Blanc
Production design: Roberta Acevedo Gomes
Cast: Rita Durão, Pierre Léon, Ado Arrieta, Olivia Cábez
Production: Rita Azevedo Gomes, Gonzalo García - Pelayo
Distributor: Atalante Cinema
International sales: Portugal Film

Born in Lisbon in 1952, Rita Azevedo is a director and a writer who, influenced by her friendship with Manoel de Oliveira, began a career in cinema, theater, and opera in the 70s. She has been a programmer in the film department of the Gulbenkian Foundation as well as at the Cinémathèque Française since 1993. Azevedo’s filmography has been shown on screens of countless festivals around the world, such as in Montreal, the Viennale, Locarno, Jeonju, and Cinesul Rio, and some like the BUEIFF have paid tribute to her in a retrospective. After the releases of The Portuguese Woman (2018) and Danses macabres, Skeletons and other Fantasies (2019), a film co-directed by Pierre León and Jean-Louis Schefer, enjoyed at the SEFF, the director presents her new film: The Kegelstatt Trio.