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Juanma Sayalonga, David Sainz | Spain | 2022
O.V. Spanish

Back in 2017, just as she was preparing her first album, Banzai, and at only 26 years old, news broke out about the death of Ana Isabel García, better known as Gata Cattana: rapper, poet and politologist from Córdoba, a key vindicative artist at a time of the rise of feminism in Spain. After three years of research and archive research, Juanma Sayalonga and David Sainz (Malviviendo) deliver this film about her imprint and legacy, including testimonies from her family, friends and personalities such as Juancho Marqués, Alejandra Martínez De Miguel, Sara Socas, Frank T and Mala Rodriguez, as well as unpublished material from the childhood, adolescence and professional career of a cultured and groundbreaking figure, an irreplaceable "street" figure.

Direction: Juanma Sayalonga and David Sainz
Script: Juanma Sayalonga and David Sainz
Cinematography: Paloma Roussanova
Editing: Javi Lería
Music: Gata Cattana
Sound: Jesús "Suly" Caballero
Executive Producer: Teresa SeguraProducers: Teresa Segura and Enrique F. Guzmán
Production Company: Diffferent Entertainment SL, VivaTodo Films y Cinnamon Factory
Distributor: 39 Escalones

Juanma Sayalonga

Seville, 1988. After studying Camera and Post-production at Escuela Arte Granada, Sayalonga creates the production company VivaTodo Films, specialising as a director of short films (N18, Cuelga) and music videos (Sara Bee, David Parejo). This year he co-directs his first feature-length documentary ETERNA.


David Sainz

David Sainz was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1983. While living in Seville, his career took a turn thanks to the worldwide success of his webseries Malviviendo (2008-2014), after which he founded his own production company Different Entertainment SL, creating the series El viaje de Peter McDowell (2009) and Flaman (2012-13) for RTVA, and the films Obra 67 (2013) and Fogueo (2017). The multi-faceted Sainz is a member of the Spanish Film Academy, has written the novels La historia de Forme y Día Cero, is the creator of several streaming series and commercials and the host of the podcast Jirafa, and combines his social media with his band Lomo. ETERNA (2022) is his latest film.