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Ricardo Iniesta, Félix Vásquez | España | 2022 | 90 min.
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Atalaya/TNT is much more than a theater company. Since its creation in 1983 in Seville, Ricardo Iniesta, its founder, and its other members, have created a unique space for theatrical exhibition, production, training and reflection, producing award-winning work (National Theater Award in 2008) known internationally. On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, this film not only collects their history and trajectory, but also shows through their work, their lives and the strength of this unique group of Sevillian creators.

Direction: Ricardo Iniesta y Félix Vázquez
Script: Félix Vázquez
Cinematography: Ricardo Iniesta
Editor: Félix Vázquez y Paula Barros
Music: Luis Navarro
Sound: Félix Vázquez y Julieta García
Art Direction: Ricardo Iniesta
Cast: Aurora Casado, Marga Reyes, Manuel Asensio, Jerónimo Arenal, Joaquín Galán, Carmen Gallardo, Lidia Mauduit, Silvia Garzón, Maria Sanz, Raúl Vera, Sario Téllez, Ricardo Iniesta
Production: TNT
Production Company: Centro de arte y producciones teatrales S.L
Distributor: Centro de arte y producciones teatrales S.L
World Sales: Centro de arte y producciones teatrales S.L

Félix Vázquez

Huelva, 1977. Félix Vázquez is a sound engineer, photographer and documentary filmmaker, as well as the founder of the audiovisual production company linked to flamenco BuenaSombra Films. Vázquez’s filmography consists of projects such as the videodances Colección de Retratos or the feature-length documentary Se prohíbe el cante (2019). El abrazo del tiempo, his latest film, will be presented this year at the SEFF.


Ricardo Iniesta

Úbeda, 1956. Ricardo Iniesta is a theatre director and playwright who founded the theatre company Atalaya in 1983, with which he has directed twenty-five shows, earning him the National Theatre Award in 2008. Moreover, he is the director of the International Centre for Scenic Research TNT in Seville. Iniesta pays tribute to the 40th anniversary of his theatre company Atalaya co-directing of the documentary El Abrazo del tiempo.