Andalusian Panorama


Mayte Gómez Molina, Mayte Molina Romero | España | 2022 | 72 min.
V.O. español

Told on the basis of stylistic freedom, inventive imagery and using private archives, Como ardilla en el agua addresses issues such as the relationship between mother and daughter (in a film directed and starred precisely by mother and daughter), the impossible standards of beauty imposed on women and the never sufficiently discussed Eating Disorders, a thorny subject bravely told in the first person. Mayte, a mother, finds comfort in sheltering behind a squirrel mask, a story, of private fiction of reconciliation.

Direction: Mayte Gómez Molina y Mayte Molina Romero
Script: Mayte Gómez Molina
Cinematography: Mayte Gómez Molina
Editing: Mayte Gómez Molina
Art director: Mayte Gómez Molina
Music: Miguel Otero

Mayte Gómez Molina was born in Madrid in 1993. After finishing her studies in Audiovisual Communication and a Master’s degree in Artistic Production and Research in Granada, where she grew up, she was a Fulbright scholar (2019-2021) at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she also pursued a Master’s degree in Film, Video, New Media and Animation. Her work as a visual and digital artist focuses on the concept of expanded literature, searching for alternative ways of reception for the narrative. Like Squirrel to Water (2022) is her film debut, co-directed by and starring Mayte Molina Romero, her mother.