The New Waves Non fiction


Nikola Spasic | Serbia | 2022 | 90 min.
O.V. in Serbian and English subtitled in English and Spanish

Beauty presides over the life of Christina, the protagonist of this hybrid documentary/fiction film by Nikola Spasic, awarded Best First Film at FID Marseille. Christina dresses with exquisite taste, attends therapy and receives her clients at home with supreme elegance, prepares picnic baskets with her friends worthy of a still life and visits the museum dedicated to the painter Sava Šumanović, killed during World War II by Croatian fascists. Accordingly, Spasic endows the fictionalized portrait of the protagonist's life with an exuberant and unique pictorial quality, which stands at the antipodes of the sordidness so often associated with the trans experience. In the second half, Christina faces the challenges posed by her faith and heart when she finds herself attracted to a seminarian.

Direction: Nikola Spasic
Screenplay: Milanka Gvoić
Cinematography: Igor Lazić
Editing: Nikola Spasic
Sound: Đorđe Stevanović
Cast: Kristina Milosavljević, Marko Radisić, Jelena Galović, Zvonimir Pudelka
Production: Nikola Spasic, Milanka Gvoic 
Distributor: REASONS

Born in Serbia, Nikola Spasic studied Film Directing at the Academy of Arts of the University of Novi Sad and took a Master’s degree in Film and Television at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade. Spasic is the executive director of the production company Rezon. In recent years, he directed, edited and produced multiple advertisements and advertising campaigns, as well as several short films that premiered at festivals in the Balkan region. Why Dragan Gathered His Band (2017) was the director’s first documentary film, presented at various specialised festivals. Spasic’s latest film Christina premiered at FIDMarseille, where it won the Best Film Debut Award.