Andalusian Panorama


José Sánchez-Montes | Spain | 2022 | 76 min.
O.V in Spanish

Granada, 1922. The flamenco singing contest is organized by none others than Manuel de Falla and Federico García Lorca. Falla, who dreams every night of the ancestral songs that his nanny sang to him, fears the disappearance of flamenco. Mixing real images and animation, this story (based on the work of historian José Vallejo) traces an overview of the history of flamenco starting a century ago. With the participation of Esperanza Fernández, Paco Jarana, Alfredo Tejada, Sergio Gómez "El Colorao", Marina Heredia, Alicia Morales, Jaime Heredia "El Parrón", Antonio Gómez "El Turry", José Fermín Fernández, José Quevedo "Bolita", Álvaro Martinete, and Antonio Molina "Jony", as well as the testimony of Enrique Morente.

Direction: José Sánchez Montes
Script: Elena D. Serra, Marina Trigueros, José Sánchez Montes
Cinematography: José Alberto Tauste
Editing: Marina Trigueros
Music: José Quevedo "Bolita".
Sound: Cheluis Salmerón
Art director: Seisdedos
Production company: Marina Díaz-Cabrera
Production company: Siesta Producciones
International Sales: Audiotorium Films

José Sánchez-Montes was born in 1961, he is a director, screenwriter and producer of documentary films, as well as the founder of the production companies Ático Siete established in 1984 and Sacromonte Films in 2010. Sánchez-Montes also founded the Atlantic Andalusia Festival in Essaouira and was the director of the Granada Film Festival Cines del Sur. The highlights of his filmography are the multi-awarded Bola de Nieve (2003), Tiempo de Leyenda (2009) and Omega (2016), and he also produced the films Marshland (2014) and Smoke & Mirrors (2016). The director’s latest documentary Cante Jondo, Granada 1922 (2022) will premiere at the SEFF.