Special Session


Paco Campano | Spain | 2022 | 72 min.
V.O. in Spanish

Paco Campano, our Sevillian B-movie master, joins forces with Gonzalo García Pelayo in his quixotic 10+1 project (producing ten films in one year) with Arde!, starring an explosive woman born of the sperm swept away by the Iguazú waterfalls, the offspring of Argentinean camp icons of the 60s and 70s, actress Isabel Sarli and director Armando Bo. Lacking identity and memory (and for most of the film, also without clothes), she will set this hellish world ablaze with her limitless desire. Following its screening in Sitges, this is a film where "B series and Exploitation shake hands with the cinema of Lynch and Lucrecia Martel: sex, UFOs, VHS, and parallel lives".

Direction: Paco L. Campano
Script: Paco L. Campano
Cinematography: José Enrique Izquierdo
Editing: Darío García García
Music: Pepe Ortega and Josepa García-Pelayo
Sound Design: Javier Ángel Morillo
Direct Sound: Nahuel Reyes Sosa
Cast: Rocío López Ferreyra, Martín Aletta, Pablo Ragoni, Federico Ponce, Héctor Rafael Segura Avayu, Laura Nevole y Adrián Vázquez
Executive Producer: Pili Campano
Production Director: Pablo Piedras
Production Company: La Zanfoña Producciones and Serie Gong Cine

Seville, 1977. Paco Campano worked for several years as an editor in many films, short films and documentaries, as well as in television projects, also as a filmmaker. The Sevillian artist co-wrote, co-made and designed the special effects of the film La furia de Mackenzie, an already cult, self-funded film that screened at several festivals, such as the Horror and Fantasy Film Festival in San Sebastian, and was released in cinemas in 2009. Campano worked as FX designer for Doghead by Santi Amodeo; as editor and screenwriter for the series by Alberto Rodríguez and Rafael Cobos, The Plague, since 2012; and as director of music videos and audiovisual content for museums and exhibitions, as well as spots for festivals such as Monkey Week, also Monkey Week TV in 2020, and the SEFF. In 2021, the director joined the production company La Zanfoña Producciones and participated in the project of Gonzalo García Pelayo and Gervasio Iglesias: “El año de las 10+1 películas” (The year of the 10+1 films). After editing Ainur (2021), he directed his second film Arde!, shot in Argentina and premiered at Sitges. Cuántica Rave is Campano’s next film project for 2023, a sci-fi musical comedy. As a matter of interest, the director is also the frontman of the rock band Sweethearts From America.