SEFF responds with ‘Yo NO soy esa’  to the institutionalised image of women in the cinema

SEFF responds with ‘Yo NO soy esa’ to the institutionalised image of women in the cinema

Tuesday 18 de October 2016

Within the Seville European Film Festival “Yo NO soy esa” is a selection of 12 films by 12 women directors who want to raise awareness and leave behind gender standards and roles, and breathe the freedom beyond labels, highlighting the conflict between reality and the representation of women in the cinema.

The main thematic axis of this edition of SEFF is dedicated to the expression of those women who don’t want to be what the traditional script had thought of for them. It is necessary to give a leading role, within the festival programming, to a series of titles that offer stories in which the woman is not a partner, not a mother, not young, not beautiful or not obedient. Humour, transgression and the punk spirit are key tools here in this search for alternatives to the paradigm.

The season “Yo NO soy esa”, which covers almost six decades of cinema, groups together in eight thematic sessions -Hablemos de Sexo, Riot Grrrls, Era Feliz en su Matrimonio, Madre solo Hay Una, Más Mala que un Dolor, Cuestión de Género, Girl-Friends or Que no nos Representan- works by filmmakers such as Julie Verhoeven, Catherine Breillat, Lucy Thane, Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir, Orri Jonsson, Kristín Björ, Cecilia Bartolomé, Maureen Fazendeiro, Laura Mulvey and Peter Wollen,  María Cañas, Ulrike Ottinger, Marie Losier, Vera Chytilova or Delphine Seyrig.

In connection with this season a retrospective will be devoted to the directors Vivienne Dick, whose work has been described as “the quintessence of No Wave cinema”, and Kurdwin Ayub,  of Iraki origin, who belongs to the youtuber generation. Of the former, 12 short and medium length films will be shown over the course of three sessions: Aliens, Conversations/Impressions and The Mother and the Whore. As for the young Ayub, we will screen 8 of her short films, including Summer Holiday (Vaginale VII) and Adele 1.

Finally, the special session Anti-chick flicks will show the exact opposite to what romantic comedies and melodramas preach. It will open fire from animation at a whole collection of clichés about what it is supposed that girls like or the ideals to which they aspire. The titles that can be seen include Una Mujer Educada (María Chalela-Puccini), The Women & Earth Series (Rosanna Wan) or Pussy (Renata Gasiorowska).

“Yo NO soy esa” is also a fanzine, a collection of stories, illustrations and comics signed by artists such as María Cañas, Elisa Victoria, Joaquín León, Elena Orellana (Madre Imperfecta), Marta Caballero, Gloria Romero (Rapariga Amarguinha), Ana Jiménez (La Topa Tabernaria), Marta Altieri, Nieves González (N.G. Snowjane, from Las Janes). Among the collaborations from outside Seville, Gloria Vilches, Xiana Gómez Díaz, Helena Exquis, Andrea Galaxina and Mari Marín (lamarimorena) have participated in the fanzine. 

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