'Anchor and Hope' will be the opening film at the XIV Edition of the Seville European Film Festival on 3rd November

'Anchor and Hope' will be the opening film at the XIV Edition of the Seville European Film Festival on 3rd November

Thursday 05 de October 2017

After the success of his first feature film 10,000 KM, the film which won at the Festival of Spanish Cinema in Malaga and was one of the most acclaimed first films in recent Spanish cinema, Carlos Marqués-Marcet is opening his long awaited second film 'Anchor and Hope' at the Seville Festival. Starring Geraldine Chaplin (Talk to Her, Raise Ravens), Oona Chaplin (Game of Thrones, Taboo, Black Mirror, Avatar 2), Natalia Tena (10,000KM, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones) and David Verdaguer (10,000 Km, No culpes al karma de lo que te pasa por gilipollas), Anchor and Hope will be the opening film at the XIV Edition of the Seville European Film Festival on 3rd November.

This film, whose team will come to Seville for its national premiere, manages to answer the concerns of a whole generation traveling through intense physical and emotional landscapes, a drama with touches of humor that revolves around maternity and friendship, and where Geraldine and Oona Chaplin, as in real life, are mother and daughter. The script is by Marqués-Marcet and Jules Nurrish. Producion is by Lastor Media (El rey tuerto, Las amigas de Àgata), in co-production with Venner Film Productions and La Panda Productions. After its national premiere at the Seville Festival, Anchor and Hope will arrive in Spanish cinemas on 24th November through Avalon.

'Zama', with co-production by El Deseo, is in the Official Section of the Seville Festival. This is the fourth film by the Argentinean director and scriptwriter Lucrecia Martel, who has an impeccable filmography. (La Ciénaga, The Holy Girl, The Headless Woman). Nine years after her last incursion into feature film, Martel has directed the film adaptation of Zama, the famous novel by Antonio di Benedetto, with the Mexican actor Daniel Giménez Cacho (A Bad Education, Snow White) and the Spanish actress Lola Dueñas (I Can’t Say Goodbye, Volver) as protagonists.

Recently chosen by the Argentinean Academy to represent Argentina at the Oscars and nominated for the Goya Awards next year, Zama follows the story of Don Diego de Zama, an official of the Spanish Crown who is desperate to obtain his transfer to Buenos Aires from the city of Asunción in the XVII century. Meanwhile he decides to undertake the mission of catching a dangerous bandit in order to recover the prestige of his name and prove his worth to the Crown. Its world premiere took place last 31st August at the Venice Festival and before coming to Seville the film has participated in the Toronto and New York Festivals. The film is produced by Rei Cine (Argentina) and Bananeira Films (Brazil), and as well as El Deseo (Spain), the other co-producers are MPM Films (France), Patagonik Film Group (Argentina), Louverture Films (United States), Canana (Mexico), Lemming Films (Holland), O Som and Fúria (Portugal), KNM (Switzerland) and Picnic Producciones (Argentina). The film’s sales are being handled by the German company The Match Factory. BTeam Pictures will be in charge of the film’s commercial release next 26th  January.

The world premiere of 'Penélope', by Eva Vila completes the list of Spanish films that will compete this year for the Golden Giraldillo at the Seville Festival. The only Spanish project selected in 2016 for European co-production funding from the Council of Europe through the Eurimages Programme, Penélope is the new film by the Catalonian director after the acclaimed Bajarí, an incursion into the gypsy world through the flamenco legacy of Carmen Amaya. Penélope, through the story of Carmen, a dressmaker of 97, and Ramón, who after 30 years away decides to return to his home town, offers a revision of two universal movements that are already found in the myth of the Odyssey: that of remaining and hoping, staying faithful to our origins, and that of leaving in order to tear up roots and not live according to what is expected of us. Produced by Araki Films, PolandStudio and Televisió de Catalunya, the film has the support of ICEC (Instituto Catalán de las Empresas Culturales) and the ICAA.

These Spanish films are in the Official Section in Competition along with the already announced 'The Sea Stares at Us From Afar', the first film by Seville director Manuel Muñoz Rivas which, after participating in the Berlinale, will have its national premiere here. The film is produced by Azhar Media, CTM Docs, El Viaje, 59 en Conserva, and Canal Sur TV.

With the incorporation of these titles into its Official Section, the Seville Festival reaffirms its commitment to give visibility to and act as a platform for Spanish auteurist cinema, an undertaking it extends year by year, showing its support for the new creators in our cinema.


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