Begins the seminar on the new Spanish cinema

Begins the seminar on the new Spanish cinema

Friday 06 de November 2015

This year, SEFF is giving even more support, if that is possible, to independent Spanish cinema marked by a clear auteurist spirit. So, in addition to the screening in all the sections (including the official section) of national films that have been recognised at festivals around the world, the SEFF is collaborating with the Centro de Iniciativas Culturales de la Universidad de Sevilla (CICUS) in the organisation of the seminar Narrative Works of Resistance. An Approach to the New Spanish Cinema. The Centro de Artes de Sevilla hosted the opening session this morning, with the presence of Concepción Fernández, director of CICUS; José Luis Cienfuegos, director of the SEFF; and the teachers coordinating the seminar, Sergio Cobo, Alberto Hermida and Samuel Neftalí Fernández.

The seminar, which will be held in parallel to the festival, will include the presentation and projection of a total of ten feature films, which will precede talks with the directors of the respective works. In this way, students will be able to establish a direct link between author and work, creating a space for reflection and debate about alternative trends in Spanish cinema that develops on the borders of hegemonic discourse. This activity will enhance the work by the Escuela de Cinematografía y del Audiovisual de la Comunidad de Madrid (ECAM), which is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year.

After the opening, seven short films were screened, presented by the coordinator of intensive courses and masters, Alain Lefebvre. These are among the most interesting produced by the school in these two decades. The titles which the students are going to see today include: Taxidermia by Luis Cerveró; Kundas, by Rodrigo Rodero; Para ser cajera del súper siempre hay tiempo, by Luis López Carrasco; Formol, by Noelia Rodríguez Deza; Los galgos, by Gabriel Azorín; Los demonios, by Miguel Azurmendi; and Niña, by Nacho A. Villar.

The seminar, which has a total duration of 25 hours, will have another special event on 11th November in the Cicus Auditorium, with a round table entitled Is all that glitters gold?, in which directors of films shown in previous editions of the Resistances section will intervene: Gabriel Azorín (Los Galgos), Fernando Franco (Goya for Best New Director for La herida), María Pérez and Luis López Carrasco (from the Los Hijos Collective and director of El futuro). At the end of the round table, the filmmaker Sergi Pérez (El camino más largo para volver a casa) will talk with Sergio Cobo, from the University of Seville, in an encounter that will also be held within the framework of the SEFF’s Alliance with CICUS.


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