A tourist route through Bollaín’s unusual Seville

A tourist route through Bollaín’s unusual Seville

Friday 30 de October 2015

This year the Seville Festival is acknowledging local culture by paying tribute to Juan Sebastián Bollaín, a filmmaker (and architect) who, since the end of the 70s, has offered an unusual view of the city. His experimental, transgressive work, which can be seen in the retrospective offered by SEFF, can also be traveled –literally– via a bus tour that will be part of the festival’s parallel activities.

Seville 2015. La ciudad abollainada offers a route on which the actor and performer Álex Peña will guide participants through the city imagined by this iconoclastic director, drawing a parallel between the present day and his audiovisual works. The visit, which will take place next Tuesday 10th November at 17:00h, will leave from the Nervión Plaza commercial centre. A Tussan bus will take us through a different Seville, the one in which Bollaín’s films improved its quality of life, building an olympic swimmign pool inside the cathedral or using the roof terraces as prisons.

With a critical, ironic view, the filmmaker, born in Madrid but resident in Seville since the age of 9, made some of his most histrionic films as commissions, the reason for which his film Sevilla 2030 (2003) was censored. Perhaps for that same reason, he has never received the recognition he deserved, despite having been exhibited in such prestigious spaces as the Reina Sofía Museum, and having been a references for present day experimental filmmakers such as the collective Los Hijos or the Seville artist María Cañas.

The first films by Bollaín on Super-8 and 16 mm, very deteriorated and almost unseen until now, have been restored by the Filmoteca de Andalucía and deposited in the Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, and will be shown in the SEFF as part of this tribute, showing those films that connect the most transgressive side of the Nouvelle Vague with the artistic avant-garde. In addition to the screenings of those works and the bus route, the Seville Festival has programmed a performance for Wednesday 11th November, after the screening of La Alameda (1978) and C.A.7.9. Un enigma de futuro (1979), which will consist of the inauguration of the Plaza Bollaín in front of the Alameda Theatre.


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