Moisés Salama | Spain | 2017 | 90 min. | O.V. Spanish with English subtitles

A changing portrait of Fernando Fernández de Castro 'Nando', a fascinating character from Malaga, a non-conformist libertarian whose intense, hazardous life connects with the history of Spain. Part of the last generation that fought against the dictatorship, he was an activist in the anti-Franco student revolts, went into exile in France, flirted with drugs, and resumed his political activity with energy as a result of 15-M, which he combined with his current commitment to the practice of Buddhist meditation.
Direction: Moisés Salama
Script: Moisés Salama, Alejandro Alvarado, Concha Barquero
Cinematography: Alejandro Alvarado
Editing: Alejandro Alvarado, Concha Barquero, Moisés Salama
Music: Camilo Motta
Sound: Concha Barquero
Production: Moisés Salama, Rosa Tapia-Ruano

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