Velasco Broca, Canódromo Abandonado, Julián Génisson

César Velasco-Broca | Spain | 2017 | 82 min. | O.V. Spanish with English subtitles

Velasco-Broca, an indispensable voice of the New Spanish Cinema (loved by festivals such as Cannes, Locarno, Sitges and Bafici) joins with Julian Génisson and Lorena Iglesias (Canódromo Abandonado) in this modular film, constructed from changing pieces, and which today premieres  La enfermera atracadora. A manual of esotericism and exoterism of aesthetic, of unclassifiable aesthetic and humour, in which a priest (Génisson, a copy of Bresson’s country priest) passes through a British TV movie of the ‘70s about the prevalence of evil (Nuevo altar), a segment about an Olympus of gods of the Spanish communities (Dioses autonómicos) and through the above mentioned nurse, to arrive at Nuestra amiga la luna. With Andrés Gertrudix, Nacho Vigalondo and Chema García Ibarra. 

Direction: Velasco Broca, Canódromo Abandonado, Julián Génisson
Script: Julián Génisson, Velasco Broca, Lorena Iglesias, Jesús Sáenz de Pipaón, Francisco Jota Pérez
Cinematography: Emilio Rebollo, Carlos Gil, Jon D. Domínguez, Cormac Regan, Luis García Luque
Editing: Velasco Broca, Julián Génisson, Daniel García, Víctor Berlín
Music: Aaron Rux
Sound: Matías Nadal, Lorena Iglesias, Tony Santos, Milan Vulich, Roberto Fernández
Cast: Julián Génisson, Lorena Iglesias, Ramón Churruca, Satish Kumar, Andrés Gertrudix, Nacho Vera
Production: Luis Cerveró, Ignacio Martín de la Cruz, Enrique P. Vergara

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