Laurent Cantet | France | 2017 | 113 min. | O.V. French with English and Spanish subtitles

Cantet (Time Out, The Class) dominates the art of staging a debate and turning it into something enthralling, and of making political cinema far removed from mononeural slogans. The adrenaline from disagreement and the exchange of ideas surges in a writing workshop in the south of France, a summer by the sea during which a group of young people try to write a thriller novel guided by Olivia, a successful writer. When one unruly student comes to the fore, the underlying social dynamics in the group are gradually revealed in the heat of the place’s industrial past and the popularity of Marine Le Pen.
Direction: Laurent Cantet
Script: Laurent Cantet y Rober Campillo
Cinematography: Pierre Milon
Editing: Mathilde Muyard
Music: Bedis Tir y Édouard Pons
Sound: Olivier Mauvezin, Agnès Ravez, Antoine Baudouin
Cast: Marina Foïs, Matthieu Lucci, Warda Rammach Y Issam Talbi
Producción / Production: Denis Freyd

El pase del 10 de nov. a las 12:30h es para Acreditados. No está a la venta. Sí canjeable con abono.

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