Jan Nemec

Jan Nemec | Czech Republic, Slovakia, France | 2016 |68 min. | O.V. Czech with Spanish subtitles

When one has seen and done everything, it’s possible to throw caution and one’s own biography to the winds and have a few laughs. That’s what Jan Nemec, the spearhead of the Czech New Wave, has done, and in this vital, shameless, punk tale he takes the liberty of telling his first Cannes festival by filming secretly at the present Cannes, he reveals his meeting with Ivana Trump in the 80s, blows Godard’s head off, annotates his dazzling career filming weddings in the USA and his surrealist meetings with the authorities in his country. Nemec left the world in this way, knowing that he who laughs last laughs longest.

Direction: Jan Němec
Script: Jan Němec
Cinematography: Jiří Maxa
Editing: Josef Krajbich
Music: Dominik Dolejší, Eric Clapton, J.S. Bach
Cast: Jiří Mádl, Karel Roden, Martin Pechlát, Tomáš Klein, Táňa Pauhofová, Gabriela Míčová
Production: Tomáš Michálek

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