Anxos Fazáns | Spain | 2017 | 68 min. | O.V. Spanish and Galician with English and Spanish subtitles

Life isn’t harmless. It can be exhausting and frustrating. Manuel would like to be a writer but instead of that he is trapped in his routine, unable to confront his emotions. Summer and the unexpected reunion with the best friends from his youth will make all his impulses explode. An adaptation of the homonymous novel by Manuel Jabois with Daniel Froiz and Ángel Santos (Las altas presiones) as scriptwriters, directed by the young debutante Anxos Fazáns, who at only 25 has already worked on the Atresmedia webseries Fame and the short films Direcciones, Naces en Septiembre y Area. With the Goya winner Nerea Barros (La isla mínima).

Direction: Anxos Fazáns
Script: Anxos Fazáns, Ángel Santos, Xacobe Casas, Daniel Froiz
Cinematography: Alberte Branco
Editing: Diana Toucedo, Anxos Fazáns, Iria Silvosa
Music: Charles Rapante
Sound: Xavi Souto, Sound Troop
Cast: Alberto Rolán, Nerea Barros, Xosé Barato, Laura Lamontagne, Xiana Arias
Production: Daniel Froiz


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