The girl from nowhere

Jean-Claude Brisseau

Jean-Claude Brisseau | France | 2012 | 90 min. | O.V. French with Spanish subtitles

Michel (Brisseau), a retired teacher who has lived alone since the death of his wife, is preparing a book on supernatural phenomena. His routine is broken when a young woman who has been beaten appears at his door and he takes her in. Dora, a mysterious creature, will open a breach in the Parisian apartment through which, this time for real, the supernatural will enter, embodied by indelible tableaux. An equivocal story of the beyond, rewarded with a Golden Leopard at Locarno, which finally did justice to the career of the veteran Brisseau.
Direction: Jean-claude Brisseau
Script: Jean-claude Brisseau
Cinematography: David Chambille
Editing: Maria-luisa Garcia, Julie Picouleau
Sound: David Chambille
Cast: Virginie Legeay, Claude Morel, Jean-claude Brisseau, Lise Bellynck
Production: Jean-claude Brisseau

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