Ula Stöckl | Germany | 1968 | 86 min. | O.V. German with English and Spanish subtitles

In the clamour of ‘68, Ula Stöckl directed the first feminist film in West Germany, a cult piece that disappeared for years, was then rediscovered and is now restored. With a dreamy air mixed with fragments of life in the swinging sixties, five women search for themselves: Katharina, a journalist who is trying to free herself of sentimental obligations, Anne, submerged in political commitment, Gabrielle, a pop singer focused on her career, Magdalena, a smiling wife who’s being cheated on, and Kirke, an empowered woman. Amidst walks, parties, songs and intimate moments, at the height of sexual liberation, a fresh, colourful film in which Let the Sunshine In, by Claire Denis looks at itself.

Direction: Ula Stöckl
Script: Ula Stöckl
Cinematography: Dietrich Lohmann, Thomas Mauch
Editing: Wolfgang Schacht
Music: Bob Degen, Manfred Eicher, Fred Braceful
Sound: Folkardt Prestin
Cast: Liane Hielscher, Christine de Loup, Jürgen Arndt
Production: Ula Stöckl, Thomas Mauch

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