Pedro Neves

Pedro Neves | Portugal | 2017 | 91 min. | O.V. Portuguese with English and Spanish subtitles

The idea of community runs through Tarrafal in a spirited, poetic way. The empty stretches of land in what was the most problematic area of Oporto (a symbol of the last days of Salazar’s dictatorship) take on a ghostly life at the hands of those who lived there: amidst the fog, the rubbish and the greenery, a place that was erased overnight re-emerges. As he follows their statements, in which good memories are mingled with a stark reality, Neves obtains a balanced view. The sordidness gives way to the strange beauty of the place, and of people who are simply survivors. 
Direction: Pedro Neves
Script: Pedro Neves
Cinematography: Pedro Neves
Editing: Pedro Neves, Ricardo Leite
Music: Jojo Navarro
Sound: Ricardo Leite
Production: Pedro Neves

Entrada libre. Recogida de invitaciones en taquilla desde dos días antes.

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