David Gutiérrez Camps | España | 2017 | 77 min. | V.O. en español, catalán y soninké subtitulada en español e inglés

A successful portrayal of the alienation suffered by a person who comes from outside with nothing in his favour, without lapsing into paternalism or drama: that is what the measured, elegant tone of Undergrowth achieves. We accompany Musa, a young Mauritanian, on his daily activities. He wanders the fields alone, making a living clearing weeds, watching as from the distance the people around him. The ritual puts us in his shoes, those of that “other” with whom we coexist without seeing him, experiencing with him the barriers in his interaction with the inhabitants of a small town in Gerona. 
Direction: David Gutiérrez Camps
Script: David Gutiérrez Camps
Cinematography: Aïda Torrent
Editing: David Gutiérrez Camps
Music: Pau Guillamet
Sound: Gabriel Hurtado, Idoia Iñárritu, Toni Grabulosa
Cast: Musa Camara, Deborah Marín, Samba Diallo, Bbangaly Coulidaly, Felisia Casadevall.
Production: John Bartleby Films, Camille Zonca.

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