Eva Vila | Spain | 2017 | 90 min. | O.V. Spanish and Catalan with English and Spanish subtitles

With legend as a driving force, Penélope unfolds in an imposing landscape like an elliptical, crepuscular version of Homer’s Odyssey, both intimate and absorbing. The Penelope in this story is called Carmen, she has the character of a tough but sensitive generation, and she waits in Santa María de Oló. The Ulysses is Ramón, who comes back to the town after an absence of thirty years. A last journey whose end, beyond all that he has lived, is the return to a homeland and a way of life that will disappear with them. A film by Eva Vila (Bajarí), the only Spanish project to receive support from Eurimages.
Direction: Eva Vila
Script: Pep Puig, Eva Vila
Cinematography: Julián Elizalde
Editing: Diana Toucedo
Music: Juan Sánchez 'Cuti'
Sound: Amanda Villavieja, Eva Valiño
Cast: Carme Tarte Vilardell, Ramon Clotet Sala
Production: Monika Derenda, Sandra García

El pase del 9 de nov. a las 17:15h es para Acreditados. No está a la venta. Sí canjeable con abono.

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