NICO, 1988


Susanna Nicchiarelli | Italy, Belgium | 2017 | 93 min. O.V English with Spanish subtitles

Nico, after the Velvet Underground, the Warhol Factory, her records and her affairs with people like Dylan, Hendrix, Lou Reed and Jim Morrison, died one day in 1988 on Ibiza while she was cycling with her son Ari, born from her relationship with Alain Delon. Nico 1988 tells of her last tour, pursued by her demons and anxious to break with her past. A human Nico portrayed by a splendid Tryne Dyrholm (The Celebration, The Commune) forces her way through, a mature rocker far from the icy perfection for which she is remembered. A crepuscular film (that even allows itself flashes of humour), with no trace of sensationalism, that reveals a fascinating and tumultuous personality. 
Direction: Susanna Nicchiarelli
Script: Susanna Nicchiarelli
Cinematography: Crystel Fournier
Editing: Stefano Cravero
Music: Gatto Ciliegia
Sound: Adriano Di Lorenzo, Marc Bastien, Franco Piscopo
Cast: Trine Dyrholm, John Gordon Sinclair, Anamaria Marinca, Sandor Funtek, Thomas Trabacchi
Production: Marta Donzelli, Gregorio Paonessa, Joseph Rouschop, Valérie Bournonville

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