Gürcan Keltek | Netherlands, Turkey | 2017 | 84 min. | V.O. Kurdish, Turkish with English and Spanish subtitles

When an event is silenced and erased, all that is left is to draw up a kind of prosthesis of the absent memory. As Rithy Panh did in The Missing Picture, but with the beautiful, terrifying chiaroscuro of Bela Tarr, Keltec constructs Meteors. Through the memories and recordings of the young Kurdish writer Ebru Ojean, Meteors constructs the chronicle of a violent military repression that was silenced with the help of a meteorite shower. Urgent declarations amidst bullet holes, gunshots and bombs that will be transformed, as if by magic, into Perseids, meteorites that won’t succeed in totally silencing a story, History.
Direction: Gürcan Keltek
Cinematography: Mustafa Sen, Fırat Gürgen
Editing: Fazilet Onat
Sonido: Paul Olivier, Sebastien Teller
Cast: Ebru Ojen 
Production: Marc Van Goethem, Gürcan Keltek

Free entry. Pick up invitations at the box office from two days before.

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