Andrey Zvyagintsev | Russia, France, Germany, Belgium | 2017 | 127 min. O.V. Russian with English and Spanish subtitles

Andrey Zvyagintsev (Elena, Leviathan) won the Jury Prize at Cannes for this thriller filled with powerful images based on a couple’s break-up, a pitiless reflection on the new Russia of Putin and savage neo-capitalism. Zhenya and Boris had a child when they were very young, but now they loathe each other. The have each built their own life (he has got a young girl pregnant, and she is involved with a rich man) and in their troubles they forget about their son, who disappears after one of their fights. Given the ineffectiveness of the police, they will have to join forces and seek alternatives in order to find him.

Direction: Andreï Zviaguintsev
Script: Oleg Negin, Andreï Zviaguintsev
Cinematography: Mikhail Krichman
Editing: Anna Mass
Music: Evgeni Galperin
Sound: Andrei Dergachev
Cast: Mariana Spivak, Alexéi Rozin, Matvéi Novikov, Marina Vasilieva, Andris Keishs, Alexéi Fateev
Production: Alexandre Rodnianski, Sergueï Melkoumov

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