Károly Makk | Hungary | 1971 | 88 min. O.V. German, Hungarian with Spanish subtitles

In 1971, Love won the Jury Prize at Cannes. Today this landmark in Hungarian cinema returns in a 4K restoration which emphasizes the modernism, still intact, of its daring editing. Drawing a parallelism with Distant Constellation (New Waves), Love moves with a dreamlike feeling and humour into the past universe of a woman who is trying to reach the age of 100 so she can again see her son Janos, whom she thinks is making a film in Paris. She doesn’t know that her daughter-in-law has been deceiving her for ten years, writing imaginative false letters, because Janos is a political prisoner (a testimony to the turbulent years of the Hungarian revolution). 
Direction: Károly Makk
Script: Tibor Dery, Peter Bacso
Cinematography: János Toth
Editing: György Sívó
Music: Andras Mihaly
Sound: Janos Réti
Cast: Mari Torocsik, Lili Darvas, Iván Darvas, Erzsi Orsolya, András Ambrus

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