Chema Rodríguez

Chema Rodríguez | Spain | 2017 | 82 min.

Guatemala, the ‘80s. The worst days of the civil war. Andrés is 9. He lives with Pedro González, one of the men who killed all the women and children in his village. Andrés has survived, but he’s scared. Pedro’s wife, María, is also scared, scared to leave the house, scared to lose Andrés, whom she considers “her new son”. Even Pedro is scared, of himself and of what the army forces him to do. Andrés wants to run away, but he also wants to stay with his new family… until his sister appears.

Direction: Chema Rodríguez
Script: Chema Rodríguez, Francisco Vargas, Elías León Siminiani
Cinematography: Álvaro Rodríguez Sánchez
Editing: José M. G. Moyano
Music: Pablo Burgués
Sound: Eduardo Cáceres
Cast: José Javier Martínez, Patricia Orantes, Rafael Rojas, Andrés Toz Julajuj, Marta Tuyuc
Production: Chema Rodríguez, Jorge Sánchez Gallo, José Nolla, Chema Álvarez

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