Carlos Rivero | Spain | 2017 | 97 min. | O.V. Spanish with English subtitles

If in El misterio de Aaron Carlos Rivero positioned his view in parallel with that of child, in Las cosas he establishes a dialogue of ways of seeing and experiencing a family holiday with Aaron. Car journeys, visits to the river, meals, dances and conversations take on different aspects, the strangeness of being present without being completely present, which Rivero seals with a quote from Sartre that doesn’t remove mystery and power from his sensorial look: “Even looking at things, I was a hundred leagues from thinking that they existed. They looked like decoration. I took them in my hands, I used them as instruments, I foresaw their resistance".
Direction: Carlos Rivero
Editing: Carlos Rivero
Cast: Lola de los Reyes, Pablo Useros, Carlos Rivero Vargas, Carlos Sánchez, Claudia Rivero, Aaron Ruiz, Carlos Rivero

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