Miguel Rodríguez | Spain | 2017 | 55 min. | O.V. Spanish with English subtitles

Anyone who was a child in the 90s in Andalusia remembers pre-Curro Seville’s answer to Sesame Street: La isla de Flora, a television puppet program in which the characters Flora, Tico and Ulises filled their afternoons. Miguel Rodríguez offers a ghostly journey to childhood punctuated by VHS tapes and Super 8, a utopian island led by the Rag Factory company. An investigation into the subconscious of a generation through those who know how to leave a mark on it, and also a kind of elusive, emotive tribute by the director to his family.

Direction: Miguel Rodríguez
Cinematography: Miguel Rodríguez, Alonso Valbuena
Editing: Miguel Rodríguez
Sound: Enrique Leal
Cast: Jose Luís Rodríguez
Production: Luisa Pérez, Jose Luís Rodríguez

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